Dear fisher, we are pleased to present to your attention the silicone bait TM "Wist".

Lures developed by experienced anglers in Ukraine. In the range of TM "Wist" you will not find full copies of world brands. After all, we respect intellectual property and value other people's work.

When entering the market, each manufacturer can choose two ways of development: simple, copy what is already sold and stand out from the competition only at the price and quality or complex, to do something own, exclusive. When choosing our development strategy, we chose a more complex path, we presented to the fishing audience a new, exclusive and really high-quality product, and we did not forget to take care of every fisherman's wallet. In the end, silicone baits are rozidnyk and do not tell us how many baits for one fishing we can leave in "strong places", and it is there in snags, on channel brows most often and lives the very trophy behind which we go fishing.

We all know, and most likely, the Reubachiles are the advertised baits of Japanese production, so this product has a difference in quality, but they were clearly developed not for our water bodies and not for the fish that we are used to catch. Each model of the trade mark "Wist" was tested by a large number of anglers, the color scale and the model range were selected taking into account the specificity of our region and it is for this species composition of fish that we are accustomed to catch various jigs and snap fittings.

All silicone baits impregnated with attractants and some secret additives, in the required amount contain crystals of salt. The rigidity of silicone is optimally selected and is recommended for use in 99% of cases. However, two more types of hardness are available, Super Soft & Super Hard. Super soft and super solid respectively.

The advantage of the "Wist" brand will be the fact that our company uses raw materials of its own production when manufacturing products. Raw materials should all have quality certificates and is absolutely not harmful to the environment. Equipment and technology were developed and manufactured exclusively.

And in the end, with the "Wist" brand bait you will always be with the catch, regardless of the circumstances.